Example of Combat

Note: This is no longer accurate to the system. I will update this again once the system is finalized.

Here is an in-depth example of a battle using the TC battle system. The images are from the TC record sheet that is available for download on the Resources page.

Start of Combat

Orcs (Melee)1d6+3
Orcs (Ranged)1d6+3
Orc Chief1d6+2

This combat has 9 combatants. The player characters are Aeus, Garret, and Zherynn. The enemies (orcs) are 50 feet away and have been divided into three groups by the DM: 3 melee fighters, 2 archers, and the chief. All characters are currently wielding melee weapons (except the archers). The DM has determined that no one is surprised. At the start of combat, all parties roll their initiative, based on their Wisdom attribute. Each character or group's initiative is listed to the right. The initiative rolls are as follows:

The DM marks each of these numbers, as shown on the record sheet below. Since the Melee orcs have the lowest number, they act first. The three orcs begin to move forward, at a speed of 10 feet per TC. Since the next turn takes place at 4 TC, the orcs can move up to 20 feet before anyone else can act. The DM moves the orcs closer, and marks the sheet with a line to show a continuous action. On each of the example TC record sheets below, the blue markings show what has been added since the last image.

TC example sheet 1

Combat Continues

Now the TC is 4 so Zherynn is able to act. He decides to drop his dagger and pull out his crossbow to shoot the orcs. Dropping a weapon has no delay, but drawing one takes 2 TC, so the DM marks Zherynn's next turn on his sheet at TC 6. The DM moves the orcs forward another 10 feet before the next characters act.

Aeus and the Orc Chief are able to act at the same time as Zherynn is pulling out his crossbow. The DM decides that the chief will cast Missile Flare at Zherynn. Since the chief is only a level 2 fire elementalist, the maximum spell level he can cast is 1. Therefore, the casting time for his level 1 spells is 5 TC. Aeus, on the other hand, steps forward to attack one of the oncoming orcs with his longsword. The TC record sheet should now look something like this:

TC example sheet 2

At this point, it has reached TC 6, and there are four different groups all acting at once. This amount doesn't come up all that often, but as you can see it is quite possible. The DM first decides secretly that the orcs will stop moving at this point to engage Aeus, and then asks each player in turn what he would like to do. Zherynn decides to shoot one of the three orcs now in front of Aeus, Garret moves up to help Aeus in melee combat, and Aeus has already decided to attack an orc at the first opportunity, so that's what he does. He swings his long sword and hits the orc on the right for 4 points of damage. Because the orc was attacking him at the exact same time, both Aeus and the orc have a +1 to hit each other. Zherynn scores a critical hit against another orc with his crossbow, dealing 14 points and dropping it. However, since all the actions take place at the same time, all three of the orcs are allowed to attack (the one that was killed gets to attack once first). Two of the orcs hit Aeus with their falchions, for 4 and 6 damage, and one misses. Aeus's threshold of pain is 7, but being hit by two attacks at once lowers his threshold of pain to 6 for that TC, so he takes a Wound from the second hit.

Now that the actions have been completed, each character who acted during that TC rolls initiative again, modified for their actions. Aeus rolls a 4 and adds his weapons speed factor (SF) of 5, and a +1 penalty for his Wound, for a total of 10. Garret does not need to roll initiative yet, since he is only moving. Zherynn rolls a 6, subtracting his bonus and adding his light crossbow's SF of 7 for a total of 11. The DM rolls a 1 for the orcs, and adds their falcions' SF of 5 for 6. While the orcs have an initiative bonus of -1, this applies directly to the roll, and the modified roll can never drop below 1, so the bonus doesn't apply this time. The DM marks everyone's next turn on his sheet.

At TC 7, Garret joins in the fray, attacking the injured orc and downing him with one hit from his broadsword. He then immediately rolls initiative, and gets a 4, adding his initiative penalty of 1 and the broadsword's SF of 5 for 10 total.

Finally, at TC 8, the orc archers get their first actions. They both fire their longbows at Garret, but miss. The DM rolls 5 for their initiative, which modifies to 12.

After this, the orc chief finishes his spell at TC 10, and deals 4 damage to Zherynn. He then rolls his initiative, resulting in a total of 3. The TC record sheet now looks like this:

TC example sheet 3

Next up is the last remaining melee orc. He swings at Aeus again, hitting for 6 damage. He then rolls a total initiative of 8. The orc chief begins to move up to attack directly.

Aeus attacks the closest orc for 5 damage, and rolls an initiative of 7 (remembering to account for his wound).

On the next TC, the chief reaches Aeus and Garret. Garret takes down the normal orc with another hit, getting an initiative of 12, and the chief swings his great scimitar, scoring a critical hit against Garret and wounding him, with an initiative of 9. At the same time, Zherynn exchanges his crossbow for his dagger, which has a TC delay of 2.

Even though Zherynn just acted, he is also the next up to go again, so he steps forward into melee range of the others.

TC example sheet 4

It is now Zherynn's and the orc archers' turns. The melee orcs would also be acting now, but they have all been dropped by the others. Zherynn swings his dagger at the chief, but misses, and rolls 5 for his initiative. His dagger has a speed factor of 2, and he has a -2 bonus to initiative, so his initiative remains 5. The archers shoot Aeus again, and manage to knock him unconscious from damage, but don't deal another wound. Immediately, the DM marks down 10 TC from now that Aeus will be rolling to check for stabilizing. The archers get an initiative roll of 11.

A few seconds later, it is once again Zherynn's turn. He stabs the chief for 4, but decides to use his Heroic Deeds skill to add 1d4 to the damage, totaling 7 points.

The chief is up next, and the DM decides that he realizes the fight is lost and begins to retreat. He withdraws normally for about 10 feet (or 1 TC), and since no one can act to keep up with him, he turns to run at quadruple speed away from the battle scene.

It is now Garret's turn, but he decides to let the orcs escape, instead attempting to stabilize Aeus. He needs to make a DC 13 heal check to succeed (10 base - -3 HP = 13), but only gets an 8. Attempting to stabilize another person has a TC delay of 6, and he rolls 4 for his initiative, adding his modifier, and getting a total of 11.

It is now Aeus's turn to attempt to stabilize himself. His check is a DC 18 Fortitude save (15 base - -3 HP), which he makes barely with a 19.

The orc archers now begin to flee alongside their chief. Since the others decide not to pursue, the combat has ended. The final markings on the TC record sheet are below (with the first 20 TC cut off to make it shorter).

TC example sheet 5

Wrapping Up

The party searches the bodies after Zherynn casts a healing spell to revive Aeus, finding a small amount of gold as rolled or chosen by the DM.

The DM decides that the threat was suitably overcome, and all characters participated in the conflict, so they will all get a full and equal SP award. The orcs presented a significant threat, but nothing the players couldn't have handled, so he gives each character 5 SP (the standard award). Even though Aeus was unconscious at the end of the battle, he still gets the full award.