Stewards of Redshield


  • Lyrtin - Human Wizard
  • Maban Orgest - Human Cleric of Phaestos
  • Prosper Madoc - Halfling Rogue
  • Vio - Gnomish Alchemist
  • Gregg - Dwarven Ranger


Session 1 - The Caves of Chaos, part 1 (12/14/13)

The newly recruited members of the Stewards of Redshield are sent on a reconnaissance mission to discover the cause behind the recent increase in hostile humanoid actions in an area to the east, and to do anything they can to reduce the attacks. After a few days of travel, they arrive in the designated valley and scout the area, running into a group of orcs in a cave and barely fighting them back before retreating to the high ground and hiding while they rethink their plans.

Session 2 - The Caves of Chaos, part 2 (1/4/14)

Joined by Gregg, a dwarf sent by the Redshields to meet up with the party and assist in their task, the team continues to explore the valley. They approach a third cave only to spy several kobolds hiding in the trees outside. The parties attempt to ambush the kobolds fails, but they still managed to kill several in an even fight before two flee into the cave.

The party enters the cave and purposely triggers a pit trap in the entrance, which draws the attention of a swarm of nearby rats and some kobold guards. Battle once again ensues, but the party forces several kobolds into retreat. Continuing, they avoid a well-lit room in favor of darkened corridors and after finding a trash heap and what passes for food storage attack a group of elite kobolds defending a door. Shortly after the battle begins, the kobold chieftain emerges from the doorway and joins the attack. The party is pushed to its limits, with Vio and the chieftain the last two left standing, but Vio pushes the enemy into a retreat, and after ensuring the safety of her companions charges into the room to deliver a final killing blow.

She tends the others wounds and moves them into the chieftain's chamber, barricading the door while they recover and searching the room for treasure, maps, or anything of use. In the end, the party recovers sufficiently to risk an escape, and they manage to emerge from the kobolds' caves safely, returning to their camp once again to rest between assaults.