Site migration is underway. I'll try to get most of the pages that people actually look at up right away, and I'll get around to the other stuff eventually. I'm both transferring to a new server and editing/re-coding the site as I go, so it could take a while.


I've got just a couple weeks left of school this semester. Several huge projects due next week. And in two weeks from today, I'm going to be presenting a video game business plan in front of a bunch of potential investors, trying to get them to give me half a million dollars so I can start my own company properly. No pressure. '~';; So yeah, lots of stuff going on.

I got accepted and have paid for my trip to Japan, so I'll be gone starting at the end of May through all of June. ^_^ My brand newly-created blog will have updates concerning my trip while I'm away. At least, in theory. No, but I really do plan to post stuff, and I think I'll actually have a lot to talk about now. Not like usual.

About those music compositions I've done... I think I'll post them up here for your listening pleasure. Or pain, disgust, ridicule, whatever. I don't have them on me at the moment, though, so I'll try to get them up around the beginning of next week. Sheet music should follow shortly, since I've already written it all out, but I'll have to do some arranging to make them work for piano.


School is never-ending, it seems. This semester, I'm taking 19 credits and working about 35 hours a week. :) Fun. I'm taking a game music composition class as part of my courseload, so I'm actually composing a bit of my own music. Maybe that will get me into the mood to transcribe again, if I'm lucky. The reason I'm working so much even with all the school hours is so that I'll be able to afford a trip to Japan this summer, where I plan to study for a month in Osaka. If I'm accepted, at least. >~< I hope I am. I've been looking forward to going to Japan for more than a year, now. I was accepted last year to study in Akita, but then they cancelled the trip because of the earthquake.


School, school, work, school, always something going on. *sigh*. I decided to add a donation button in the footer, in case anyone cares. Since the site does cost a little bit for me to maintain, and I did put in hours and hours of work on the transcriptions... >_> <_< (Keep in mind that fees are 30 cents per donation, plus a little, so if you donate a penny, it doesn't help at all.) Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to donate!

Anyway, I haven't really added anything new here in a while. I wish I had more time and motivation to do this sort of stuff. Sorry, I don't have any nice fun "I'll do my best"-type motivational words to say this time. Been feeling a bit down lately with this constant, unchanging, and unlifting workload. Still, feel free to tell your friends to download these sheets and whatever.

Ugh, I'm being a real downer today. Sorry. ...Have fun playing!


I put up a new sheet a couple days ago: PSI-missing from To Aru Majutsu no Index. It's not mine, but someone asked me for it and I realized it wasn't available for download anywhere. I got it from someone else in an e-mail a couple years ago. Now you can have it, too. :)

Almost time for Otakon! I still don't even have my Archer costume ready to go yet. Definitely not doing Hakuoro, and I've pretty much settled on Tomoya as my secondary costume, but not sure if I'll do the winter or summer version (I have both). Considering it'll be 100 degrees outside, I'm leaning towards summer.


Just dropping in to let you all know I'll be going to Otakon again this year! If all goes well, I'll be cosplaying as Archer from Fate/Stay Night again, but with a more complete costume, and if all goes really well, I'll also be going as Hakuoro from Utawarerumono, although it looks like I might not get that one finished in time. If I don't, then I might use my Tomoya (Clannad) or Len (Vocaloid) costumes again. And I'll generally be going around with a Unit 1 from Evangelion. So if you're going and you see me there, say hi!


Wow, how long has the voting system been broken? It's fixed now. Sorry about that.

Everything I said in my last post remains true. Still too busy to really do much of this.


Well, I didn't manage to get much transcribing done over the break, but at least I released that one song. =/

Now I'm back to taking 18 credits, and working two part-time jobs, so I have even less time for, you know, life. -_- I know you all want those transcriptions, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it at the moment. Sorry.

Oh, and if you're interested in anime figures, I'm selling a few of my old ones and unopened duplicates. Check the link to the left. <~~


It's finals week coming up, and you know what that means! No more homework! Free time! Well, for me at least. Just to prove it, I've finally finished transcribing that one Naruto song (Sadness and Sorrow). It's not yet in pdf format, but I'll have it online as soon as I get to a computer that can convert it. In the meantime, I at least have the midi up.

Update - 12/14: It's all uploaded. My normal computer that I use for this part seems to have slowed to about 1/4th its old speed since I last used it for this, so I needed to find a different one.


Sorry about all the broken links. I think they've all been fixed. If you find anything else not working on this site, please tell me! I want to have everything working.

Also, I finally got around to actually putting my transcription software on my new computer, so maybe I'll be able to do something with it now.


Yeah, about early August... ^_^;; I'm not sure when I'll end up actually having time to do all this. At the moment, I'm enrolled in 16 credit hours and working another 25 hours a week at my job, so it doesn't look like I'm gonna be home and able to work on music much for a while. Plus I just haven't had the motivation to do so for a long time. I'll try to fit some in at some point though.


Sorry I haven't been doing any work on this stuff lately. I've been completely swamped with work and college, and on my time off I'm scrambling to get my costumes ready on time for Otakon. I should be able to get some more time to work on this towards the beginning of August, so maybe I'll finally finish some things up then.