Animation and Modeling

Animation, 3DStudio Max

The following character animations were all done by me for an animation class using 3DS Max 2016 and Unity 5. Skinned and rigged models were provided, except for the spider, which is just a skeleton that I made without having an actual model. I manually tweaked and repaired some of the skinning for certain models to improve animation quality. By each video is a summary of the corresponding assignment.

This was my capstone animation. The assignment required an idle, walk, run, jump, death, and two attacks. I also created the character controller script that mapped the actions to different buttons, handled animation transitions, and so on.

A series of MMORPG-style emotes. The actions could be anything I chose to make.

Animate a combat idle, weak attack, and strong attack for the character. The weapon could be anything, so I had to make the simple model for the spear.

Make a non-bipedal rig and animate an idle, a walk, and an attack (I made strong and weak versions). No model was supplied, and none was required.

Animate a classic "Frankenstein's monster" sort of walk cycle.

Find a roughly 2-second video clip of someone doing something interesting and rotoscope it so that Frankenstein does the same thing, but modify it just enough to make it loop cleanly.

Make the mech run, being sure to take its weight into account.

Create a death animation, accounting for the mech's size and weight. Don't have the mech explode apart with pieces flying everywhere.

Animation and Modeling, Maya

This was my final project for my first semester of 3D Modeling using Maya 2011, with Adobe Fireworks for the textures. I created all the models, animations, and character UVs and textures. I did not create the environment textures.