Kanji Count

This is a simple game designed to help teach someone the Japanese kanji for the numbers 1-10. I built it in about 2 days for a class a few years ago when I was still learning the basics of Unity. Everything is mouse-controlled. Flip the cards to find matches and try to learn the numbers.

Easy mode: There are 20 cards face down on the left, 10 of which will have the Arabic numerals 1-10, 10 of which have the matching kanji. Match the numbers to the kanji. You can view what the kanji is for any given number by flipping the cards on the right-hand side.

Hard mode: All 20 cards on the left have the kanji on them. Once you have found a match, you must select which number it represents from the set on the right. You cannot flip the right-hand cards to view the kanji for them.