Monster Farmer (Working Title)

This game is still in Pre-Alpha stages. Most of the basic functionality is in, but a few tools are missing, townspeople are practically non-existent, lots of animations are missing or substituted, many enemies are missing and existing enemy AI is very basic, there are still many known bugs, and so on.

Since this game is intended for a mobile touchscreen device, all controls appear in the game window. Clicking any button will act as if you touched it. Some keys have also been mapped to the keyboard.

  • Lower Left Analog Stick/WASD/Arrow keys: Movement
  • Lower Right Button/Spacebar: Use selected tool
  • Pointing Hand Button: Interact with object in environment
  • Top Right Buttons: Click to equip that tool
  • Bottom middle Button: Bring up the pause menu

Some set pieces are still in the whiteboxing stage, and the tutorial is not yet implemented, so here are some instructions:

  • In order to farm, you have to use the hoe to till the ground, plant a seed (The turnip with a face and legs), and keep the ground watered each day.
  • Your watering can has to be refilled periodically. Interact with the white box in the upper left corner of the farm to refill it. You must have the watering can equipped at the time.
  • To advance to the next day and save the game, go to the door of the house and interact with it.
  • Leaving the farm through the left gate leads to the town.
  • You can buy additional tools in town. These will appear in your shed (the empty, white building on the farm). Interacting with the tools you see in your shed will swap whatever you have equipped for that tool.

My Roles

  • Programmer
  • Designer
  • Composer
  • Assistant Modeler
  • Assistant Texture Artist
  • Assistant Animator