Z-SPLAT: Revenge of the Undead is a game about fending off hordes of zombies with common household items in an attempt to finally escape, or alternatively just to get a high score. Unlike similar "tap-the-enemy" games, Zombie Splat has a host of weapons that can be used against your foes, ranging from a baseball bat, to a potted plant, to the clock on the wall. Each weapon has different damage and speed ratings, and only lasts for a limited number of attacks before breaking, so the player must choose when each weapon can best be utilized to defeat the zombies. If you use the best ones up too soon, you'll be left with nothing but your fists when the big boss comes to take you down.

The game has clean, colorful game art that is visually appealing and can be appreciated by audiences of all ages. The animation, sounds, and music are simple but effective, and keep the aesthetics consistent throughout for a cohesive, immersive experience.

The game has two completed levels, with more planned but never developed. There are three different zombie types: the basic green ones, which move and attack slowly and do moderate damage, but are everywhere; the yellow ones, which move almost twice as fast as the greens and can take more damage, but aren't quite as strong; and the red ones, which are slow, but incredibly tough and powerful. In story mode, only one red zombie will appear per level, and it must be defeated in order to escape to the next room.

Gameplay is done from a stationary first-person perspective, but you can turn left and right to face different areas of the room. Zombies appear randomly and approach from all sides, jumping through windows, crawling through cracks in the wall, and so on.

The game was formerly available for download on iPhone.

Gameplay Video


Bedroom screenshot with a green zombie
Bedroom screenshot with green and yellow zombies
Kitchen screenshot with three green zombies