Dragons and Broadswords
Chapter I Entry IV Return to Reality

"Huh? What? Who are these people?" I can just hear you all saying that. As the title suggests, this is, in fact, the "real world" and, as it is a return to it, what was happening before was not real. Notice the dice on the table, not to mention the little miniatures of the characters in the last few comics. These are those characters' players. Yes, it's D&D. Get over it. Don't worry, you'll be seeing much more of the characters than the real people, most likely.

Every background element in here was captured and modified from Chrono Trigger, yet again. The four people sitting around the table are heavily modified versions of their D&D counterparts (except the one on the bottom - he has no counterpart). The girl was given a skirt and blouse, and redrawn to be kneeling; the fighter had a haircut, and now wears jeans, a t-shirt, and a visor; and the one on the right also has pants, as opposed to a tunic, lost the spiky hair, and wears two watches, one on each arm. The one with his back to you is a modified Ark, from Terranigma. You can't see all the things I changed about him yet, since you can't see most of him, but his hair and whole outfit are different.

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