Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio. My name is Thayne Bohman. I graduated with a B.F.A. in Computer Game Design and a double minor in Computer Science and Japanese Studies (language focus), and I have almost 10 years of programming experience as a web programmer for my university's College of Education. My interests and skills span almost all aspects of game creation, including gameplay, system, and story design; engine programming; 3d modeling; scripting; and music.

Most of the items in this portfolio are external links to my work. If you would like to get in touch with me with questions, comments, or offers, please check my Contact page. You may also use the navigation in the sidebar to browse more of my personal site and get to know me a bit better that way, but most of it is not directly related.

Completed Projects

Z-SPLAT Screenshot

Z-SPLAT: Revenge of the Undead: an iOS game built using GameSalad. I was the lead designer, in charge of scripting, asset integration, team coordination, testing, and delivery of the final product.

Kanji Count: a simple educational game of Memory I built for a class when I was just learning Unity, designed to help teach the kanji for numbers 1-10.

Whack-A-Mole: a game I wrote in a few hours to teach myself C#. The graphics... aren't. The gameplay is fine.

Unfinished Projects

Monster Farmer (Working title)

This game is inspired by Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, but has our own unique take on the idea. Instead of cultivating and harvesting plants, you're planting seeds that sprout into monsters that then run around your farm and try to kill you.

The game was built in Unity and intended for release on iPad and iPhone.

I am responsible for all programming, some modeling and texture work, some writing, and the music. You can try a recent build of the game online, but keep in mind that work is still in progress.

Try it Out

Dragon's Gaze (Working title)

Inspired by old-school RPGs, intended to be a full-fledged, story-driven game for mobile platforms. Additional information and screenshots are available.

Additional unfinished project information is visible on my Game Projects page.

System Design

I have designed Heroes of Destiny, a pen-and-paper RPG system, from scratch. The project has lasted several years, and undergone many iterations. Please note that this site has not been significantly updated in a few years, so is a little outdated.

Web Programming

I implemented and maintain a comprehensive data base driven website for the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) and related subsites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, and MODx open source Content Management System (CMS). The public website contains over 10,000 pages and includes an intranet supporting over 300 faculty and staff.

I have created numerous user interfaces for specialized data collection and manipulation for the offices and programs within CEHD including calendars, news, course display, faculty profiles, listservs, information session registration/reminders, student progress, division finances tracking, faculty workload tracking, and adjunct instructor performance review.

Automated previously paper processes such as adjunct contract generation, syllabus collection and approval, student endorsement requirement tracking, and student internship requests, improving the productivity within CEHD.

Additional web applications include:

  • Course enrollment and revenue projection calculations
  • Web page parsing and data extraction to insert into internal course database
  • Various event registration systems

3D Animation

This was my final project for my first semester of 3D Modeling. I created all the models, animations, and character UVs and textures using Maya 2011 and Adobe Fireworks. The only things here not done by me are the environment textures.